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    Product Design Agency SoyaDesign About Us

    About Design Agency SoyaDesign. SoyaDesign is a small multi-disicplinary design agency specialised in strategic product design founded by international product and industrial designers from Scandinavia and South-East Asia.

    While we know the perfect cannot be achieved, we always aim to improve and innovate to get just a bit closer to that unreachable goal.

    Some say it is impossible to predict the future. Perhaps that's true, but we believe it is possible to make some educated guesses about the future by observing weak signals in the society, changing consumer preferences and values, considering the possibilities new materials, technologies and production methodologies provide, and using our creativity to think about the unthinkable.

    And if we cannot predict the future - we can at least help making it happen, and so can you. It all has to start with an idea after all. That object of tomorrow may well be possible to produce already today. So what if...? or Why not?

    Perhaps you even have that idea and the technology required, but you may need a better, more visually pleasing or more user firendly design to make it a sellable product.

    You could contact SoyaDesign already today. We are happy to sign a Non Disclousure Agreement.

    So why not take the first step towards that future goal?

    Contact SoyaDesign now to discuss a new product development or product design project. We wont bite - and you do not bind yourself to anything.

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    Design for Business!

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