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    Branding is one of the most efficient ways to gain above industry profits. It takes time to build strong brands, however it is well worth the investment in time and money. It is however essential that your company has a clear brand strategy, that defines how brand and company values are communicated both verbally and visually.

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    Soyadesign is specialised in developing distinctive form-languages for product designs and interfaces that communicates your core brand values. Soyadesign offers also brand identity design services, designing logos, letterheads, advertisement and marketing material, packaging design, vehicle and signage design, in short all the visual material that communicates your brand values in additon to the products and services you offer.

    Soyadesign develops a brand strategy that outlines and give clear guidelines for how your company should communicate your brand in all visual material in a holistic and coherrent way to acheive the strongest brand image and brand recognition as possible. Branding is often a question of delivering visual messages in a consistent way. However, one has to keep in mind that we live in an ever changing world. It is therefore important to keep all your various customer groups in mind. Various target groups may have different preferences. A good brand strategy aknowledges that it should allow enough flexibility and openness so that various target-groups preferences can be met, while still has to specify how to deliver the main message of your brand in a consistent and coherent way throughout all products, services and communication material.

    As a part of our brand strategy services, we develop product or product category naming and/or numbering guidlines. The intent with this is to clearly communicate a certain products position in your companys product portfolio or product familys value-chain as well as on the marketplace. This helps consumers make the right choice for themselves, while it simultaneously communicates the status and value and pricing of a specific product within the product portfolio. This is a very important aspect as these are issues that most consumers do not like to openly admit or communcate. However consumers often do make their choice based on these "hidden" values, but rather claim their choices based on more rational and socially accepted values like refering to product features or benefits the product offers, rather than admitting basing their choice on social "status". A brand strategy is therefore essential to be able to deliver and position your brand, its promises, its products and services in a consistent way for the public.



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