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    For conceptual product design and product innovation in new product development SoyaDesign has both mechanical and electrical engineering and innovation expertise in addition to cutting edge design and product styling skills. We develop conceptual product designs with a "realistic approach". Our predictions on product evolution in various fields has been based on research and reasoning considering a number of constraints. Our predictions on trends, product architecture (layout), usage and future functionalities has proved to be very accurate. In our opinion, products do seldom evolve by accident.

    We research materials, emerging technolgoies, analyse and explore current and future possibilities, but we will always maintain realism in our conceptual product designs. Innovation is often about transfering a solution from one field to a new one, or following a few alternative paths of evolution.

    While we can push the design language if required, we always want to keep ideas and conceptual design on a realistic level. We believe that problems can be solved, and new technologies, materials and methodologies ,may be developed to achieve a goal. In most cases the required technology and materials fortruly innovative products already exist. - It is our work to spot the opportunites technology, materials and production methods provides. We then combine and create the solutions tha tproduct in the near or not so near future could utilize.

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