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    Designing consumer products and electronic products covers product appearance, styling, brand recognition, user friendliness and safety. Consumer Electronics design range of products for home use to mobile and handheld devices that provides their users with the possibility to perform tasks anywhere - at home, at work or on travel.

    It is important to understand that consumer product design is not only about functionality and ease of use but also of self-expression, as products communicate personal preferences, status and belonging to a certain social group. Electronic products may be used for work or leisure, or both. quickly, providing possibilities for minituarization, and multi-functionality. However it is important to focus on features consumer really desire and need. At product design agency SoyaDesign we consider your brands previous, current and coming product generations. Our product designers and design consultants know how to communicate the value and the products position in the product portfolio.

    Our consumer electronic design services cover both product appearance design & styling and graphic user-interface desgin GUI.



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