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    We offer corporate identity design services for small and large scale companies. We design logo, letterheads and business cards, as well as websites, and advertising and marketing material in addition to product packaging design and product design services.

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    We suggest that companies would use just one supplier in their design activites, since often some major idea is lost. However, we do indeed accept that you utilise several suppliers for your design works. In such cases it is best to provide contact information to all suppliers of design work to ensure that all parites can commicate together to keep a coherent look in all your corporate indentity and advertising material. SoyaDesign provides also brand, design strategy ands design management services. With these services we develop guidleines for how logos and typfaces, colors and layouts should be used to maintain a coherent corporate and brand image. Contact Soyadesign today to discuss how we can help you with developing a new or give your current corporate identity a face-lift.



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