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    IResearch shows that investment in design is the best investment a company can make to increase its profitability and acheive above industry results. Similar research results has been obtained in UK, Sweden and Finland. It is however essential that the design work is conducted in a correct way. For us as product designers and design consultants the results are far from surprising. It is quite reasonable to assume that well designed products that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to use are find their way into consumers shopping baskets than visually less appealing and hard to use products.

    One requirement for successfull design is that design expertise is brought in as early as possible in the new product development process. To make later changes to existing products can be either impossible or at least very expensive. Further it is clear that design changes later in the new product development process can delay the launch of a the product. It is important to understand that product design agencies like Soyadesign are not mere styling companies, adding on a "nice look" in the end of a new product development project.

    Designers focus on consumer and target-group preferences, technical and funktional issues related to user friendliness, ease of use and usability, ergonomics. Designers do also consider your brand image, and how design can communicate and deliver a coherent image and communicate a products value and status in the product family, and entire product portfolio and on the marketplace. Designers explore continously opportunites on how to develop products that delivers more added value to its users and to its producers. As product designers we do always look for ways to make the manufacturing easier, quicker and less expensive. It is worth to remember that sometimes the best technical solution might not be the one your consumers want, in particular if it is hard to use. At Soyadesign we continuously follow what kin of new materials and technical and manufacturing methodoligies that have been launched. Often new materials and manufacturing methods bring new possibilites for innovative product designs. Soyadesign is a product design agency specialised in strategic design, that will bring a competetive edge for our clients.

    conceptual lifestyle product design for brand enhancement by SoyaDesign UK London

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