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    SoyaDesign has its developed a design philosophy of our own, based on both design research and experience. We have an analytical apporoach and we follow therefore continuosly latest research from leading universities in the field of consumer and design research. In our design work we base our design reasoning on theories of perceptual psychology, visual neuroscience, consumer and design research.

    We hold that emotions products evoke to a large extent can be both explained and understood based on cognitive sciences and the composition of product designs. Although this indeed is a generalisation - as every person have individual preferenses based on past experiences - people do also simultaneously want to show that they belong to a certain group. This is especially true when it comes to lifestyle products such as sports-equipment and consumer electronics. Groups do develop own preferences that influences all individuals within that group.

    The way to be an individual in a group, is to combine various products that this interst group preferes in a unique way. After all, few of us customise or have everyting taylor made for us. Finally product design is always produced for mass markets even when we speak about niche markets and target-groups. A further level of individualisation of lifestyle products can be provided with product personalisation and customisation options, either supplied with the product or provided as add-on accessories. Add ons can further ad-value and increase profit margins and revenues for the producer.

    We beleive that it is fully possible to utilise a "reversed engineering" analysis of emotional reactionst hat certain products evoke. In this wayit is possible to point out the underlaying resons for why a certain product design evokes a certain emotional reaction in most people within a selected target-group. This view we hold based on several years of design research conducted by the founder of SoyaDesign, Alexander Wrede at Helsinki University of Art and Design in Finland, and later at TU Delft in the Netherlands. Our understanding of visual relationships and qualites of three-dimensional form-language in product design compositions serves as our for SoyaDesign very unique tools for design reasoning in development of new product designs or product families with a coherent design language and strong brand indentity. We do offer design research services for our clients also separately as well as combined with our trend forcasting services.



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