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    Strategic design - A clear design strategy works as a blue-print taylored for your company/brand to ensure that design is utilised in a strategic manner throughout the company to acheive a competetive edge on the marketplace long into the future. SoyaDesign provides comprehensive design strategy services covering the entire product portfolio, product families, branding, product naming, competior analysis, trend forecasting and form language development to position your future products correctly in the marketplace.

    We consider your companys target group(s) and their preferences, so that their values and your products and brand image and values meet.The intent is that every customer will find a product in that matches their personal preferences in your companys product portfolio. Naming or numbering your products in a way that clarly communicates their position in the product portfolio makes it easier for your customers to make the right choice for them.

    Through trend and design research and forecasting, emerging technology and material and manufacturing reviews, new opportunities to meet the needs of the future is lined out. Needs for new types of products may emerge replacing current ones in your industry. It is therefore essential to develop an understanding of how the future may look like, how the society and the needs of consumer may change. Indeed it depends on your companys resources and your companys strategy. Is your company a front-runner or a follower?

    An essential part of how the future marketplace may look like and what the future needs of consumers may be is pushed by technological development that may change the business and the marketplace as we know it today.

    Products do not evolve on co-incidence, rather products evolve typically using certain alternative patterns of evolution. By understanding these patterns of evolution it is possible to predict some likely developments that may occure in the future that will have impact on your business and the market.

    . Some of these changes may be major innovations using new technical solutions. Usually changes are however incremental. Many solutions of tommorrow are developed today in universities or by research and innovation teams within companies. Perhaps by a competitor, or maybe by a company in another field that may seem unrelated at first sight. Very often technical solutions may be used in totally different applications than the researchers or innovatiors themselves ever thought about. Perhaps there already exists a solution that you could utilise in your products to acheive a competetive edge that nobaody has thought about?

    Although predicting the future isn't easy it serves a strategic purpose that may bring your company an competetive edge through a breakthrough product or killer application. If you are aware of or we at Soyadesign can find a bottleneck holding back a major breaktrough in the evolution in your industry it is definetly a problem that is worth of trying to solve. Sometimes a problem that may seem extremely difficult, or even next to impossible to solve may have an solution nobody has thought about. This is especially true for products that have not gone trough any major changes for the last 30 years. Perhaps a new material or a new production method that has been developed could improve the product significantly or bring down the production costs to a fraction of what it is today? At Soyadesign we have engineering, material and design expertise but most importantly we have open and creative minds and future vision with an positive "everyting is possible" and "can do" attitude.

    Our strategic design will look at your companys existing products, product families and how product design and technology has evolved within your company and within your industry, but also how related product markets has evolved in design and technology. The aim with our strategic design services is to define how your company can differentiate itself from its competitors in a positive way using certain for your company and/or brand unique solutions and identificators. We might spot new or emerging product opportiunites in the marketplace were consumer needs are not fully met and suggest how your company can meet these requirements through innovative strategic design and product development now, tommorrow and in the future. Contact Soyadesign today to discuss how we can help your company in developing a design strategy and product designs that will bring a competetive edge on the market place. Did you know that latest research shows that investment in design is the most profitable investment a company can do? So why wait, contact us today!



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