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    Soyadesign is specialised in product design and industrial design. A special field of product design are so called lifestyle products. Lifestyle products are syled to emphasise your target-groups interests and their belonging to a certain field or activity like sports or spare time activites.

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    Lifestyle product design can also apply to certain professional groups. We design consumer electronics, such as mobile phones and sport equipment and sportswear for special purposes. For example motorcycle clothing and apparel. Lifestyle products are "loaded" with emotion and passion for the field or activity in question. Lifestyle design products does therefore often bring a significant amount of added-value and increases profit margins. We conduct trend, market and consumer research to map the preferences of your specific target group. Based on these we develop mood an themeboards that communicates both the feeling and the products your target group abores and favourises, the world or dream-world they want to belong to. This material provides use with an excellent starting point to capture the essentials of what the product to be should communicate visually and emotionally. Thereafter we develop product ideas and a distinctive design language to differentiate and your lifestyle design products from your competiors while they simulaneuosly that communicates the values and emotions of your target-group.



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