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    New Product Development at

    Product Design Agency SoyaDesign

    A new product development project is a journey to achieve a goal set in the design brief. The goal is to reach that often a bit vague description about a future device, feature or service. The design brief is a basically a verbal description of the design intent. In our view this is one of the most important documents in the in the product design process.

    It is important to keep this document as a living document as the design process itself generates not only a lot of answers but tend to generate a lot of new questions during that juorney to the final new product design.

    The initial design brief should leave openness for innovation and creativity, while it simultaneously should provide a guidance and directions for the design team to stay on course. At SoyaDesign we do therefore use re-briefing sessions with the client to further specify the intent during the new product development process. The way to keep the design process on course is to evaluate ideas based on the design brief (the design intent).

    At SoyaDesign we have a qualified machine automation engineer to ensure that products ideas can be produced in automated serial production. Simultaneously we want all our clients to remember that the best engineering solution may not always be the most user friendly solution or the aestethically most pleasing one. A good product design is usually a compromise of various interests. In the end, both the designers at SoyaDesign and you as our valued client will want the end-users to adore and purchase your new product. Simultaneously the product should provide your company with an above average return on investment. Goos product design can provide added value to the final product, we also understand that for some products the beauty of good engineering can be the beauty of good product design.

    Often both designers, engineers and sales people have to find the best compromise together. To your sales staff, we know that say "lime green" might have been the best selling color last year - and specifictly that may be the reason we believe another color might be a better choice for the next year. Consumer preferences do change over time.

    - Unless it's a Kawasaki Ninja of course... that's about brand recognition and herritage that can create very strong emotional bounds among your target-group over-time. Definitely a thing to remember also during the product design process and in new product development.

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