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    In every new product design and new product development project Soyadasign develops a design brief togheter with the client, defining the goal(s) for the design task ahead. We know our clients know their business, industry and their marketplace - we bring our expertise is strategic product design and new product development.

    conceptual lifestyle product design for brand enhancement by SoyaDesign UK London

    It is essential to develop an clear understanding of your customers and their preferences. Combining all this information will bring the best possible results ih the form of breakthrough new and innovative product designs.

    It is therefore imprtant that all kind of information that may have impact on the design is not held back in the beginning of or during the design process. We are happy to sign NDA agreements with our clients. The design process will itself generate more information and a better understanding of both problems involved and new previously undetected opportunites. Our aim is to combine this knowledge and information to develop new products with added value in the eyes of your customers. We follow trends in fashion and latest development in technology to spot new opportunities that new emerging technologies, materials or manufacturing techniques may bring to the product design task at hand.

    Our aim is to develop and design products with breakthrough design solutions giving our clients a competetive edge on the market. We analyse our clients current products and compare them with competing and alternative products. In order to develop new successful products we utilise both design and consumer research to understand consumer and target-group preferences for product appearance. In the design process of new product design and development we consider also ergonomic and usability issues. In addition to our product design services we offer also strategic design research, problem solving, innovation and ideation services for our clients.

    We do realise that sometimes our clients may consider that a new packaging, new product graphics or a "face-lift" using new styling for an existing product may be enough to extend its life on the marketplace. If this is the case please specify this at an early stage, as extra work or unneccesary work can be avoided in this way.

    Inhouse design teams may want to explore the vision of outside designers and their view on their companys/ brands future products through conceptual product design work. This is all fine with us, we only ask for that you communicate your intents as clearly as possible in the very beginning of every project.

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