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    Meet the product design consultants at Soya Design. Product design consultants provide advice not only about creation of products but also on how to develop your companys product portfolio to create a coherent brand image and brand identity. How to comminicate the value of a product in the product portfolio. How to differentiate your products from your competitors. Product design consultants look at emerging technologies and materials providing new design possibilites. We can also provide your company with relevant trend, color and material forecasting.

    Product Design Consultant Alexander Wrede

    Alexander Wrede, product designer (MA) holds a holistic view on product design. I consider product design mainly as a business tool. Combining design, engineering, usability, aesthetics and marketing is good for business. It is essential to understand the target-group preferences when developing successful new product designs.

    Alexander worked previously as a design researcher at TU Delft in the Netherlands, he is specialized in design methodologies and strategic design. He holds a Masters degree in Product and Strategic design form Helsinki University of Art and Design UIAH with a diploma in International Design Business Management IDBM, and a BSc in Machine Automation Engineering. My approach both in design research and in design is to combine various interests. I covered both cognitive psychology, consumer and market research with qualitative user centered product design methodologies. I have a passion for aesthetics and engineering, new technology and materials, and I know for sure no business invest in new product development and design unless it increases their profitability and sales. I look for a optimised solution meeting all kriteria. There is no perfect design - that would bring the best solution in every aspect, but we can at least aim for a perfect compromise.

    Needless to say A good design solution adds value to end-users, and creates desire, but it does not need to be more expensive to manufacture. Our aim is to provide our clients with designs that fit their brand identity and product portfolio while simultaneously increasing their profitability. To succeed with design you need to have a proper understanding of business, marketing, consumer preferences, trends, product appearance, and manufacturing.

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