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    At Soya Design we have a passion for transport design. Our product designers have been involved in bicycle, motor scooter, motorcycle, sportscar and utility vechicle design. The transport industry with the automotive and motorcycle design is currently going trough its biggest transformation in 100 years.

    transport design - scooter design - product design agency soya design london uk, image

    New technologies are emerging, and new forms of crossover vehicle designs are emerging to meet the requirements of the future. Ecological aspects will become increasingly important but we do not believe motor vechicles need to become boring - rather a wide range of new type of vechicle configurations will allow users to select vechicles meeting their specific needs. A new golden era of transport design is just around the corner.

    For the product designers at Soya Design vechicles are not only devices for moving from point A to point B, but products that express the owners lifestyle and personality. The scooter design concept for Italjet Spa. in Italy shown on this page we designed in the autumn 1997, and the full scale working prototype was made by us during the spring 1998. We predicted a new rise for light motor vehicles and we were right - the new scooter boom resulted in a +160% increase of moped scooters on the roads in Europe. In our opinion the 10 year old concept scooter shown above still looks modern today with its neo-classic design and high performance technology.

    Contact SoyaDesign to discuss transport design projects with our product designers and engineers, our passion and insight in the transport design field will meet your companys highest expectations. We look forward for motorcycle, automotovie or any other transport design projects.


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