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    Trend forecasting service by SoyaDesign. Based on so called weak singnals and changes in fashion as well as latest material and technical evolution of production methods and materials SoyaDesign produces trend forcasting reports for the specific industry, market areas and target groups your company is interested in.

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    Trend foercasting and prediction on the future is always difficult to do with absolute certainty, however we have been able to do very well educated and reasoned guess work of the future also in the past, even before SoyaDesign was founded our current staff stated that Nokia should develop mobile phones with large PDA type screen format as we predicted that not only text but also visual material vill be viewed on mobile devices. This prediction was made way back in 1999. We suggested the N series numbering system for Nokia during the same time. We spotted a problem with their numbering system of their products, and suggested alternative approaches to overcome this serious problem in the future. Our suggestion of numbering was influenced by the development of prodcut naming in the automotive field. We suggested a mobile phone headset for that could be attached to sun-classes in 2000 as laws on headsets for car-drivers seemed to be a likely change in legislation. Of to us unknown reasons Nokia did not bring the headset to the market. However, in 2006 Nokias competitor Motorola launched this kind of headset to the market. In our design and trend forecastings we have consistently managed to set out correct guidelines for the furture. A design trend forecast is more than just a guess, it is a reasoned vision about the future based on careful analysis of changes in technology, society and consumer preferences. Contact soyadesign for more information on design and trend forecasting

    We spotted the an likely end of the peak-sales for mountain bikes and the emergence of classical 70's style multipurpose bikcycles for the Finnish bike manufacturer Helkama in 1998. There were no such bikes on the market, but people in their target-group had started to buy old used bikes, and they where ready to pay almost the same price for an old basic used bike in poor condition as for an new mountain bike. Two years later Helkama launched an own version of the bike design we suggested to the market. Since its launch it has been their best selling bike in the marketplace.

    We developed a "scooter" concept for italian Italjet S.p.a. called concept-Q with a form language mixing classic and modern edgy design in 1998. Piaggio launched their new Vespa the following spring. Unfortunately Italjet did not bring the concept to the market, despite that it was based on the technology platform of one of their production high-tech scooters, although the costs would have been limited mainly to production of new molds for fairings, and to some visually exposed parts such as the silencer. italjet focused their resources on a 600 cc bike wich however did not reach the market. We are convinced the design scooter design we suggested and developed to prototype stage would have been a success and maintained its position well on the market till these days. The design looks fresh even today, even though many scooters with a bit similar styling have emerged on the market. Piaggios new Vespa is now in its second generation and this new design is infact even closer to the design we suggested for italjet.

    We hope that your company dare to trust our trend and design predictions, and thar you are ready to put even brave ideas to the market. It is sometimes sad to see that products developed as far asto working prototypes get killed instead of placed in the production, we beleive the biggest single reason for this has been a fare of making a wrong decision. We predicted a return of metal and space age influenced materials in fashion based on private space-races in the USA and return and the return of hats as a fashion item as we concluded that 20's fashion items were likely to be brought in to fashion along with ArtNuveau and Jewerlly but mixed with some modern influences. Diamonds are flashing on serveral items today.We predicted military and cammo colors return into fashion based on the war in Iraq and terror attacs.


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